—Pagani Automobili is proud to unveil the
Roadster F, a new jewel in the Zondafamily:
fast open top motoring at its best.

Hand built at the Pagani Atelier in a limited run
of 25, the Roadster F offers theoutstanding
driveability and performance of the F Coupé,
enhanced by thepleasure of driving with a gentle
breeze in your hair.Thanks to an original roof
made out of carbon fibre and cloth (removable
in afew seconds) and due to the use of carbon
fabrics for the construction of thecentral chassis,
bodywork and interior, it was possible to
maintain the dry weightof 1230kg, which
translates in a weight/power ratio of 1,89kg/hp
for the Clubsport version.

Now think about this; a light and rigid vehicle
body, pushed by the mighty 7.3Litre
Mercedes-AMG V12, with a power of 650hp
and a torque of 780Nm…..!!!!
The 0 – 200kph time takes just 9.8 seconds and
a few instants later you exceedthe 300kph mark...
all topless.

The Roadster F travels along the boundary
where beauty and power mergetogether forming
something special; it’s sinuous and
aerodynamically shapedbodywork gets its
prominence from sharp edges and elegant lines,
which showat first glance its extraordinary potential.

From the cockpit you enjoy a magnificent view,
unusual for a supercar.With your hands on the
steering wheel you enjoy an environment that
far exceedsmost expectations, with a mixture of
carbon fibre, soft leather and polishedAluminium
lighting up your senses.

The precious instrument cluster looks like
the handiwork of a watchmaker. Itreveals the
pure-breed of an Italian GT car: thanks to its
personality, mixingsensuality, aggressiveness and
magnetic beauty, you can easily imagine it driving
along the sea front in Monte Carlo or screaming
down a straight at Le Mans.All this, supported by
handling that is unbelievably efficient and sincere
and thatmonitors constantly what is happening to
every single wheel; creating the feelingof the power
behind you and the precise response in front.

The Roadster F is not a racecar; it is rather a
jewel handcrafted in Italy, a whirlof emotions,
a masterpiece for the connoisseur who cares to
drive fast. Very fast.Like the heart beating
within its soul.

The fastest, most exclusive, most powerful
and most expensive Roadsterin the world.
The Pagani Roadster F.

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