What is the Zonda F?

—It’s a car, but not in the usual sense. Let’s say it’s
more of an object. It’s not made by hundreds
of people, hundreds of computers, hundreds
of things that can’t be touched, seen or understood.
The Zonda F is made by hand, by Maurizio, Pirta,
Tiziana, Gnacca, Fazio and just a few others; by
people who put their heart and soul into their work.
In addition to this we have the unrivalled support
of our partners who equally share our passion for
the finished product.

The idea has been to create a car that was light,
safe, original yet offering great performance, using
the best technology available and inspired by racing
cars, the same concept that inspired the creation of
the fantastic Miura of the ‘60’s.

Fangio wanted it to be equipped with a
Mercedes-Benz engine and his wish has become
reality thanks to AMG who have provided us with
their 12 cylinder engine; a lightweight motor, with
over 600 BHP and 760 Nm max. of torque.
Monstrously beautiful !

What is the Zonda F in technical terms?

It is a custom built car made primarily of carbon fibre,
of aluminium alloys, titanium, avional,
chrome-molybdenum alloy and selected leathers.
Some of these materials are transformed using the
most advanced technologies… others, by the best
We check the quality of each individual piece and
collect the technical data to form a manual; one
for each car, creating a detailed and faithful
representation, much the same as an artist’s portrait.
Only in aviation does this happen today. And up
until now only the Zonda, can claim to be made
this way.

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