—When it starts moving, the Zonda F slices through
the air with hardly any effort. Some of its power is
used to force the car down onto the tarmac resulting
in a very strong ground effect, so that the tyres
are glued to the road, transferring all the car’s
power and torque to it.

According to a simple equation the grip is a result
of the material’s friction coefficient times the
applied force.

This principle can then be turned into top rate
performance if the tyre size and the vehicle speed
are record breaking.

Aerodynamics however are even more crucial
where safety is concerned: when breaking for an
emergency, when reaction times are even more
critical and when road holding can make all the

As a child I remember my mother scolding me
because I would press down on my rubber too
hard and make holes in the paper… now I look
for my tyres to do the same thing to the tarmac.

The Zonda F is the queen of 300 to 0.

And it’s not just about having a cutting-edge
carbon ceramic breaking system.

Effective breaking is dependant on exploiting an
array of forces; by utilizing the shock absorber
geometry, the low center of gravity and the reduced
weight, we manage to keep the car as flat on the
ground as possible while countering any
pitching effect.

This way even the rear tyres remain stuck to
the ground.

Added to this the excellent ABS system, developed
by Bosch, is at its best when the situation gets
really tricky…

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