�The new central monocoque on the Huayra is
an entirely new design made from carbon-titanium.
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However, with the gull wing doors cutting deep
into the roof, much research wasfocused on
achieving the highest levels of rigidity through
the application of new advancedcomposite
materials and technologies first tested on the
Zonda R. The fuel tank is locatedintegrally in
the best protected area of the monocoque, behind
the driver, reinforced by safetycell made of
different composite and ballistic materials.
The front and rear CrMo subframesoffer an
exceptional rigidity-to-weight ratio to allowing
the suspensions to work at their bestwhile
incorporating an advanced energy absorbing
crash structure, ready to protect the occupants
in the unlikely event of an impact.
The never ending quest for weight reduction resulted also into the combination of structuraland
non-structural or aesthetical elements.
An example is the integration of all ventilation
airducts into the monocoque�s structure, making
the use of additional parts and ducts unnecessary.
The result of this attention to detail is a vehicle
weighing 1.350 kg making the Huayra thelightest
sportscar in its class.


�Mercedes-AMG provides the heart for the
Huayra. The 60 degree 12 cylinder turbocharged
engine with a displacement of 5980 cm3 has
been developed not just to meet the strictest
technical and quality requirements, but also to give
the car its many faces.The calm and harmony of
driving one of the world�s most refined GT car is
interrupted whenthe driver calls upon the Huayra
to unleash its 700 horsepower and 1000 Nm of
torque. Theturbos have been studied to offer
immediate response to the slightest throttle input,
givingthe driver full control over the engine at any
rpm and preventing unwanted delays in the
delivery of power.

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The engine�s systems have been designed and
tested to stand up to the most adverse conditions
of temperature and performance. The Huayra has
been subjected to the highs of Death Valleyand
the lows of the Arctic Circle. The two lateral
radiators are positioned in the front to guarantee
the best cooling efficiency of the intercoolers
placed over the cylinder heads. Drysump
lubrication ensures an optimal oil feed to the
engine even when the car is subjected tothe
most extreme lateral accelerations. It also
regulates the oil flow so that only the necessary
amount of lubricant is actually pumped into
the engine from the external oil tank, reducing
the friction caused by an excessive volume of
lubricant inside the engine sump. An oil/water
heat exchanger reduces warm-up times by
heating the engine lubricant during cold start
and keeps engine coolant and lubricant levels
at steady operational temperatures. Extensive
weight saving programs led to ingenious yet
simple solutions. In order to reduce hoses
and connectionsas much as possible is built
directly to the engine. The intercooler covers
serve as expansion tanks to the low
temperature circuit and the engine coolant
circuit. The vertical fins contributeto the cooling
of the tanks.

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