�Ancient legends of the Aymara tell us of Huayra
Tata, god of wind, who commands the breezes,
winds, and blizzards that invade the mountains,
cliffs and hills of the Andean highlands. It is told
that Huayra Tata resides deep in the high peaks
and valleys, abandoning kopi ure them only todemonstrate
his power to his wife, Pachamama, goddess of
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mother earth. With his powerHuayra Tata was
able to lift the waters from lake Titicaca and rain
them down on the fertilePachamama.
When Huayra Tata sleeps, the waters and rivers
lay quiet.But the calm before the storm is about
to be interrupted...


The eternity of the element air. Gentle and refined,
yet the strength of the wind it is able toerode even
the toughest of materials giving birth to distinctive
shapes known in nature. Elegantand muscular
the Huayra merges the past, present and future
in a timeless interpretation ofautomotive art.
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The styling of the car was perfected over the
course of 5 years to find each line�s beginningand
end. During this study, eight scale models were
created, as well as two 1:1 models, eachan
evolution of the previous in a never ending quest
to perfect the form and refining thesubstance.
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integrates with the diffuser and is dominated by
an elliptical frame that surrounds thefour central
exhaust outlets, now becoming a characteristic
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