Triumph TR 4


Year :
Engine: 4 cylinders
Capacity: 2 198 cc
Power: 160 PS
Production: 40 253 TR4 were produced between August 191 and January 1963 imcluding 10 082 in 1963
Equipments: • 2198cc engine with forged 87mm pistons, nitrided crankshaft, fully balanced.
• Twin 45 DCOE Weber carburettors on correct SAH period inlet manifold.
• Lead free head. Car uses 98RON unleaded.
• Recently rebuilt by RW Racing Services with new head and giving some 160 bhp at flywheel.
• New Bendix Red Top fuel pump with new Filter King filter and pressure controller.
• Recent specially re-built and calibrated distributor.
• Adjustable rev limiter.
• Competition exhaust manifold and system.
• Competition engine and gearbox mountings

• Double matrix radiator.
• New Kenlowe electric fan with thermostatic control.
• High output alternator.
• Up-rated starter motor.

• Competition clutch
• Up-rated overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th from OD Spares with gear knob mounted switch.
• 4.3:1 final drive with Salisbury limited slip differential

• Five Minilite replica 5.5 x 15 rims with Avon ZZ tyres plus 5 Minilites with Maxsport road rally tyres.
• Homologated Alfin aluminium brake drums.
• Quick steering rack with aluminium mountings.
• Motolita leather bound steering wheel.
• Well-developed suspension with optimised settings and up-rated springs.
• Reconditioned up-rated rear shock absorbers recently fitted.
• Nylon suspension bushes.

• Front and rear wings, boot lid and Surrey Top in aluminium.
• Seam welded body shell.
• Plexi door and rear windows.

• Custom built wiring harness.

• Steel firewall between boot and interior welded in.
• Custom built Safety Devices four point roll over bar with Certificate of Conformity.
• Sparco bucket seats with Luke four point belts.
• Intercom and headphones.
• Foam filled tank.
• Tubular fuel gauge sender unit.
• Up to date Lifeline extinguisher.
• FIA cutout switch and navigator’s horn button.
• Flexilight map reading light and caravan neon light for plotting.

• 130W90 headlights, two Lucas 5in fogs and Lucas fog reversing light.


—This was the first of three works replicas built by Chestnut House all of which featured four aluminium wings, boots and the very rare aluminium Surrey Tops. Moss Europe were very much involved in the project and made it possible to replace a very considerable proportion of the parts used.

The car was driven by Tony Dron to second place on the Clumber Park Rally and by Roger Clark on Charrington’s Historic. It was used too to win the first and only Gold Medal awarded on the first and toughest Le Jog.

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