Renault 8 Gordini R1135


Year :
Engine: 4 Cylinders Gordini
Capacity: 1 255 cc
Power: 103 bhp
Equipments: Period bucket seats, harnesses, saftey anti-roll cage, Aluminium GT Wheels...
Price: PSD


—We are please to offer that rare and lovely Renault 8 Gordini, it is an original R1135 model which is correct in every point. It have been slightly upgrated for Historic event with Bucket seats, anti-roll cage, Addittional lights, Period Aluminium GT wheels.
The engine have been rebuilt 1 500 Kms ago and function perfectly.

The car is delivered with a lot of spares including original front and rear bumper ( complete but needing cleaning and rechroming, 5 original rims, air filter housing with his pipe, ...).

The car is visible in Cahors on appointment only.

For more information please contact Laurent Radocchia 0033 6 14 55 30 95

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