Road Performance

—The dynamic characteristics, which can always
be exploited in every condition, combine to make
the ZONDA S a real “object of pleasure”.
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The silent running Mercedes engine, the luminous
dome roof, the excellent soundproofing and the
virtual total absence of vibrations (the result of
careful design) offer incredible comfort.

The weight is limited to only 1,250 kg, while the
torsional stiffness and resistance to bending have
reached record breaking levels.

To the real car enthusiast the ZONDA S presents
itself as a reactive car in every condition, free from
roll and pitch effects and with extremely
precise steering.

The road holding capacity is good and safe: not
only thanks to the excellent suspensions and the
very rigid chassis, but also to the high aerodynamic
efficiency of the bodywork which offers an overall
negative lift equal to 500 kg at a speed
of 300 km/h*.

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The ZONDA is capable of being placid and
comfortable in normal driving conditions, or becomes
a racing car unleashing the “beast” that ZONDA
harbours inside.
ZONDA was originally wished by a young designer,
who has dreamt and suffered for the day she was
reality. “She” tells the story between the young
designer and the great Fangio.

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