What is the Zonda F?

—A Pagani Zonda is never shy of a drive at the
racetrack, a fact that was undermined numerous
times in the past with records for production
vehicles at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. With
the input of its avid track focused customers,
the Pagani team hascreated the Zonda R using
bespoke engineering solutions to meet the
performance demands for a trackday version of
the highly popular Zonda F. Buy cheap uk fake watches at affordable prices for men and women.

The central monocoque is made of a
Carbon-Titanium composite, increasing
rigiditywhile reducing significantly the weight.
Bolted directly to the chassis is the Mercedes
AMG 6.0 litre race derived V12 engine, with 750 hp
and 710 Nm of torque. A directthrottle actuation
via mechanical cable ensures immediate throttle

The Xtrac Magnesium cased dog ring
gearbox combined with tha Automac
Engineering AMT system performs gearshifts
in 20ms, triggered by the drivers input on the
paddles behind the steering wheel. A 12-way
Bosch Motorsport traction control and ABS
system allows the driver to fully adjust the settings
while driving the Zonda R.

At the pits, each driver will be able to find a
suitable setup thanks to a fully adjustable
suspension and wing configuration.
The effectiveness of the rear is matched by a
complex new front bonnet, a masterpiece realised
with the help of models by Ennegi, as well asthe
closed underbody and rear diffusor. Aerodynamic
setups rage from a high downforce setting of
1.500kg to a 350kmh top speed setting.… You can obtain Swiss made copy watches online. Fast shipping. Quality guarantee.

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