—The extremely lightweight bonnets, under which
the carbon “speaks”, house the mechanics,
exposed like a work replica horloges of art in a central position
and supported by two small Cr-Mo tubular frames.UK Swiss movement replica watches at affordable prices can be find from this website.

The new 7.3 engine with titanium connecting rods
is equipped now with a specifically designed and
entirely handmade air intake system; this new
feature enwraps the engine and gives the unit an
even more impressive overall appearance.

The air intake positioned in a high-pressure area
contributes to enhance the efficiency of the 7.3
engine that with a maximum power output of
555 CV and confirms the excellent work done by
the Mercedes AMG technicians.

The excellent performance is achieved while
complying with the most demanding technological
standards; producing a torque figure of 620 Nm
already at 2,000 r.p.m. which increases up to
750 Nm at 4,050 r.p.m.

The Euro III type approval completes the attractive
features of this racing engine and allows the engine
to be used normally on standard roads.

The central carbon chassis is produced by
implementing aeronautical methods and
incorporates the Cr-Mo and composite roll bar.

The front sub-frame has a high impact absorbing
capacity, ensuring an excellent degree of protection;
passive safety is optimum in the event of a crash
or rollover.

The rear sub-frame is designed to support the load
of the mechanics and of the sophisticated aluminium
suspensions.The UK breitling copy watches for men and women with both low price and high quality are worth having.

In addition, the new Zonda S 7.3 is equipped
with ABS, Traction Control, adjustable suspensions
with Ohlins shock absorbers, Brembo braking system, with 4 very generously sized self-ventilated discs, 19” APP
alloy wheel rims and specifically designed
Michelin Pilot Sport tyres.

The Pagani Automobili company and Modena Design,
the partner in this project, hope that they have
reached their goal : the final word in the matter is left
to the fortunate owners who are the real fans and
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