Harrington Group Daytona Junior


Year :
Capacity: 125 cc
Equipments: Yellow bodywork, Black leather interior with Daytona upholstery, Leather-wrapped steering wheel, 4 exhaust outlets, seat belt, carpeted floor, custom seat cover, spoke wheel covers
Odometer: 0 Kms
Price: 24 000 €


—New children's car, never used, in perfect condition and in a configuration that does honor to the Daytona.

Harrington Group has recognized know-how in the manufacture of high quality motorized vehicles for children.

The finish including all-black leather upholstery with a leather-wrapped steering wheel promises a nice patina in future years when your children, having learned to drive behind the wheel, will in turn wish to pass on their passions?

Among the other options you will find the 4 chrome exhaust pipes and the wheel covers with spokes for the style.
The carpets, the seat belt and a custom cover.

A lovely toy, immediately available in Cahors ;-)

Eligible for the little big mans

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